How to install PRiVCY wallet on a MAC

In this article, we will provide you with a short tutorial on how to install PRiVCY wallet on a MAC computer

First of all, you have to download the wallet here
Find the wallet in your downloads folder and move it to your desired place (desktop or any other folder)

Open the wallet and the install screen will show up, you have 2 choices, install it in the default folder (which is always in /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/PRiVCY) or chose another one more convenient for you.

After you chose your desired option and press the OK button installation screen will pop up and you should wait until it’s finished

A popup will appear with the instructions what to do next and wallet will probably shut down itself after that

What to do next is simple, just go to the folder specified in the popup (if you don’t see “Library folder in your USER folder don’t panic, just click on the gear icon and in the popup select “show library folder”)

Open PRiVCY.conf file with your favorite text editor and type in something for the “rpcpassword” (it can be anything you won’t have to remember it or enter it anymore in the future)

Once you’re done you can close that file and folder and start the wallet again.

After you start it the wallet will connect to our network and start syncing.
To speed up that process (YOUR WALLET MUST BE CLOSED FOR THIS STEP!) you can download our bootstrap here and unpack it in the same folder where PRiVCY.conf file is (in that case don’t close the folder yet 🙂 ) and replace the current files and folders (if offered)

After you are done with this step you can start the wallet.
It is normal for the wallet so sync a bit after you start it because bootstrap might be out of date.

After the wallet is synced you can start using it. We suggest you to create a new wallet address and to encrypt the wallet by clicking on “Settings -> Encrypt Wallet”
We also suggest you to enableCoin control” feature in “Preferences -> Display” to avoid creating and sending your assets to a “Change” address when sending them somewhere else.

Good luck!